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We work with founders and families who have grown businesses through hard work and dedication. They are experts in their business but may raise capital or sell their business only once in a career. As trusted advisors, we help our clients unlock their company’s inherent value and achieve long-term financial success. Altus Investment Banking provides expertise, counsel, and tailored solutions for mergers & acquisitions, private placements, and financial advisory.

The Best Outcomes Begin with Relationships

Our experience shows us that the best financial outcomes begin with a trusting relationship with our clients. At Altus, we take the time to understand your unique personal and professional goals. Our senior bankers engage directly with you throughout the process to ensure that we apply our extensive transactional experience, financial acumen, and deep domain knowledge to achieve your objectives. We have learned through many engagements that understanding our clients allows us to craft financial solutions that meet each specific circumstance.

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